2022 Preliminary Program

Ninth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication, September 8-10, 2022


Registration will open in the afternoon


7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Visit Exhibits

8:00 AM


John P. A. Ioannidis (United States)

8:05 AM

Bias, Spin, and Problems With Transparency of Research

Isabelle Boutron (France)

8:30 AM
Authorship, Contributorship, and Misconduct

Prevalence of Honorary Authorship Determined From Contributor Role Taxonomy (CRediT) Statements Depending on Different Authorship Recommendations

Nicola Di Girolamo, Reint Meursinge Reynders, Vincent Lariviere, Mostafa Ibrahim (Canada, Netherlands, United States)

Use of an Artificial Intelligence-Based Tool for Detecting Image Duplication Prior to Manuscript Acceptance

Daniel Evanko (United States)

Publication and Collaboration Anomalies in Academic Papers Originating From a Russian-Based Paper Mill

Anna Abalkina (Germany)

Effect of Alerting Authors of Systematic Reviews and Guidelines That Research They Cited Had Been Retracted: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Alison Avenell, Mark Bolland, Greg Gamble, Andrew Grey (New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States)

9:50 AM

Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits

10:20 AM
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Representation of Women Among Editors and Peer Reviewers of 47 Medical Journals

Sanne Peters, Ana-Catarina Pinho-Gomes, Amy Vassallo, Mark Woodward (Australia, United Kingdom)

Association Between International Editorial Staff and International Publications in Leading Biomedical Journals

Chris Rees, Gandolina Melhem, Bruno Sunguya, Mohsin Ali, Anura Kurpad, Christopher Duggan (Canada, India, Tanzania, United States)

Patterns of Gender and International Diversity of Editors and Editorial Boards Among Journals With Open Access Licenses and Open Science Policies

Micah Altman, Philip Cohen (United States)

Factors Associated With Geographical Diversity of Reviewers Invited and Agreeing to Review for 11 Biomedical Journals

Khaoula Ben Messaoud, Sara Schroter, Mark Richards, Angèle Gayet-Ageron (Switzerland, United Kingdom)

Comparison of Reporting Race and Ethnicity in Medical Journals Before and After Implementation of Reporting Guidance, 2019 vs 2022

Stacy Christiansen, Annette Flanagin, Miriam Cintron, Tracy Frey, Timothy Gray, Iris Lo, Roger Lewis (United States)

Neurology’s Implementation of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Editorial Review

José Merino, Roy Hamilton, Holly Hinson, Rebecca Burch, Joshua Budhu, Nicole Rosendale, Patricia Baskin, Robert Gross (United States)

12:20 PM

Lunch and Visit Exhibits

1:50 PM
Editorial and Peer Review Models

Analysis of Submission Outcomes, Publication Timeline, and Author Feedback on Manuscripts Submitted to Cell Press Community Review

Sejal Vyas, Matthew Pavlovich, Jared Graves (United States)

Early Experiences of the Preprint Overlay Journal JMIRx

Gunther Eysenbach (Canada)

Effect of Positive vs Negative Reviewer Led Discussion on Herding and Acceptance Rates of Papers Submitted to a Machine Learning Conference: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Ivan Stelmakh, Charvi Rastogi, Nihar Shah, Aarti Singh, Hal Daumé III (United States)

2:50 PM

Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits

3:20 PM
Pandemic Science

Epidemiology of Scientific Output During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Anne Yang, Jacob Kendall-Taylor, Christopher Muth, Jason Kennedy, Stacy Christiansen, Annette Flanagin, Christopher Seymour (United States)

Comparison of the Characteristics of COVID-19 and Non-COVID-19 Retractions

Joshua Wallach, Xiaoting Shi, Alison Abritis, Mikas Grewal, Rujvee Patel, Ivan Oransky, Joseph Ross (United States)

Comparison of Updates to Living Systematic Reviews Related to COVID-19 vs Other Subjects

Tais Galvao, Gustavo Magno Tiguman, Marcus Silva (Brazil)

Comparing Numerical Results Between Preprints and Peer-Reviewed Publications of COVID-19 Trials

Mauricia Davidson, Anna Chaimani, Isabelle Boutron (France)

Comparison of Completeness and Contents of COVID-19 Randomized Clinical Trials Posted as Preprints and Subsequently Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals or Unpublished

Hannah Spungen, Jason Burton, Stephen Schenkel, David Schriger (United States)

5:00 PM

Barriers to Using Research: Reducing Flawed, Inappropriate, and Poorly Reported Research

Paul Glasziou (Australia)

5:30 PM

Welcome Reception and Visit Exhibits


7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Visit Exhibits

8:00 AM

Morning Welcome

Michael Berkwits (United States)

8:05 AM

Improving the Research Culture to Increase Credibility of Research Findings

Brian Nosek (United States)

8:30 AM
Author and Peer Reviewer Guidance and Training

Statistical Guidance to Authors at Top-Ranked Journals Across Scientific Disciplines

Tom Hardwicke, Maia Salholz-Hillel, Mario Malički, Denes Szűcs, Theiss Bendixen, John Ioannidis (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States)

Reminding Peer Reviewers of the Most Important Reporting Guideline Items to Improve Completeness in Published Articles: Primary Results of 2 Randomized Controlled Trials

Benjamin Speich, Erika Mann, Christof Schönenberger, Katie Mellor, Alexandra Griessbach, Paula Dhiman, Ayodele Odutayo, Iratxe Puebla, Alejandra Clark, An-Wen Chan, Michael Schlussel, Philippe Ravaud, David Moher, Matthias Briel, Isabelle Boutron, Sara Schroter, Sally Hopewell (Canada, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States)

Assessment of a Structured and Mentored Peer Review Curriculum on Quality of Peer Review

Ariel Lyons-Warren, Whitley Aamodt, Roy Strowd, Kathleen Pieper, José Merino (United States)

Online Training in Scholarly Peer Review: A Systematic Review

Jessie Willis, Janina Ramos, Ryan Chow, Mohsen Alayche, Jeremy Ng, Kelly Cobey, David Moher (Canada)

9:50 AM

Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits

10:20 AM
Peer Review

Development of a Global Dataset for Peer Review in Astronomy

Vicente Amado Olivo, Wolfgang Kerzendorf (United States)

Comparison of Review Scores of Computer Science Conference Submissions With Cited and Uncited Reviewers

Ivan Stelmakh, Charvi Rastogi, Ryan Liu, Federico Echenique, Shuchi Chawla, Nihar Shah (United States)

Association Between Author Prominence and Peer Reviewers’ Willingness to Review and Their Evaluations of Manuscripts Submitted to a Finance Journal

Christian König-Kersting, Jürgen Huber, Sabiou Inoua, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Stefan Palan, Vernon Smith (Austria, United States)

Factor Analysis of an Instrument for Reviewer Rating of Quality of Manuscripts Reporting Research

Guy Madison, Erik Olsson (Sweden)

A Synthesis of Studies of Manuscript Changes Between Submission or Preprint Posting and Publication to Elucidate the Role Peer Review

Mario Malički, Ana Jerončić, Gerben Ter Riet, Lex Bouter, John Ioannidis, IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Steven Goodman (United States, Croatia, Netherlands)

Peer-Reviewed Evaluation of Registered End-Points of Randomized Trials (the PRE-REPORT study): A Cluster-Randomized Trial

Christopher Jones, Amanda Adams, Benjamin Misemer, Mark Weaver, Sara Schroter, Hayat Khan, Benyamin Margolis, David Schriger, Timothy Platts-Mills (United Kingdom, United States)

12:20 PM

Lunch and Visit Exhibits

1:50 PM
Dissemination of Clinical Trial Findings

Analysis of Reporting Consistency Between Clinical Trials Presented at Major Medical Conferences and Their Corresponding Publications in Journals and the Media

Anisa Rowhani-Farid, Kyungwan Hong, Mikas Grewal, Jesse Reynolds, Audrey Zhang, Joshua Wallach, Joseph Ross (United States)

Evaluating Prospective Study Registration and Result Reporting of Trials Conducted in Canada, 2009-2019

Mohsen Alayche, Kelly Cobey, Jeremy Ng, Clare Ardern, Karim Khan, An-Wen Chan, Ryan Chow, Mouayad Masalkhi, Jessie Willis, Ana Patricia Ayala, David Moher (Canada, Ireland)

Dissemination of the Results of Pediatric Clinical Trials Funded by the US National Institutes of Health

Chris Rees, Adrianna Westbrook, Florence Bourgeois (United States)

2:50 PM

Poster Sessions, Refreshments, and Visit Exhibits

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4:00 PM
Grant Review and Funded Research

A Bayesian Approach to Address Bias in the Peer Review Ranking of Grant Proposals Submitted to the Swiss National Science Foundation

Rachel Heyard, Manuela Ott, Janine Bühler, Georgia Salanti, Matthias Egger (Switzerland)

Comparison of Availability of Trial Results in ClinicalTrials.gov and PubMed by Funder Type and Trial Completion Date

Julianne Nelson, Tony Tse, Yvonne Puplampu-Dove, Elisa Golfinopoulos, Deborah Zarin (United States)

Funding Reporting Compliance in Metadata of Published Articles Supported by European and US Research Grants

Antonija Mijatovic, Ana Marušić, Ivan Buljan, David Pina (Belgium, Croatia)

5:00 PM

Developing and Testing a Schema for Collecting Information on Gender, Ethnicity, and Race in Scholarly Publishing

Holly Falk-Krzesinski (United States)


8:00 AM

Morning Welcome

Theo Bloom (United Kingdom)

8:05 AM

Peer Review in the Age of Open Science

Tony Ross-Hellauer (Austria)

8:30 AM
Data Sharing and Access

Prevalence and Characteristics of Data Sharing Policies Across the Health Research Life Cycle: Funders, Ethics Committees, Trial Registries, Journals, and Data Repositories

Aidan Tan, Sol Libesman, Weber Liu, Zijing Yang, Rani Chand, Angela Webster, Anna Seidler (Australia)

Frequency of Data and Code Sharing in Medical Research: An Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis of Meta-research Studies

Daniel Hamilton, Kyungwan Hong, Hannah Fraser, Anisa Rowhani-Farid, Steve McDonald, Fiona Fidler, Matthew Page (Australia, United States)

Assessment of Concordance Between Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project Data Requests and Corresponding Publications

Joshua Wallach, Enrique Vazquez, Joseph Ross, Cary Gross, Karla Childers, Stephen Bamford, Joanne Waldstreicher, Harlan Krumholz (United Kingdom, United States)

Sharing of Individual Participant-Level Data by Trialists of Randomized Clinical Trials of Pharmacologic Treatments for COVID-19

Laura Esmail, Philipp Kapp, Rouba Assi, Julie Wood, Gabriela Regan, Philippe Ravaud, Isabelle Boutron (France, United States)

9:50 AM

Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits

10:20 AM

medRxiv Preprint Submissions, Posts, and Key Metrics, 2019-2021

Dinar Yunusov, Joseph Ross, Richard Sever, Theodora Bloom, Samantha Hindle, Theodore Roeder, John Inglis, Harlan Krumholz (United Kingdom, United States)

Assessment of Concordance Between Reports of Clinical Studies Posted as medRxiv Preprints and Corresponding Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Joshua Wallach, Guneet Janda, Vishal Khetpal, Xiaoting Shi, Harlan Krumholz, Joseph Ross (United States)

Comparison of Reports of Epidemiology Studies Posted as bioRxiv Preprints and Subsequently Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Mario Malički, Ana Jerončić, Gerben Ter Riet, Lex Bouter, John Ioannidis, Steven Goodman, IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg (Croatia, Netherlands, United States

Content Analysis of Comments on bioRxiv and medRxiv Preprints

Clarissa França Dias Carneiro, Danielle Rayêe, Flávia Boos, Gabriel Costa, Kleber Neves, Mariana Boechat de Abreu, Pedro Batista Tan, Roberta Andrejew, Tiago Lubiana, Mario Malički, Olavo Amaral (Brazil, United States)

Media Attention, Twitter Engagement, and Citations of COVID-19 Clinical Trial Preprints and Their Corresponding Peer-Reviewed Publications

Christopher Jones, Emily Inwards, Jennifer Klavens, Amanda Adams, Brian Roberts, Timothy Platts-Mills (United States)

12:00 PM

Lunch and Visit Exhibits

1:30 PM
Open Science, Reproducibility, and Postpublication Peer Review

Open Science Polices of Surgical Journals and Use of Open Science Practices in Research Published in Surgical Journals

Jayson Marwaha, Hao Wei Chen, Harlan Krumholz, Jeffrey Matthews (United States)

Epidemiological Characteristics and Prevalence Rates of Research Reproducibility Across Disciplines: A Scoping Review

David Moher, Kelly Cobey, Christophe Fehlmann, Marina Franco, Ana Patricia Ayala, Lindsey Sikora, Danielle Rice, Chenchen Xu, John Ioannidis, Manoj Lalu, Alixe Menard, Andrew Neitzel, Bea Nguyen, Nino Tsertsvadze (Brazil, Canada, United States)

Data Sharing and Reanalysis for Main Studies Assessed by the European Medicines Agency

Maximilian Siebert, Jeanne Gaba, Alain Renault, Bruno Laviolle, Clara Locher, David Moher, Florian Naudet (Canada, France)

Assessment of Postpublication Peer Review Policies and Practices at Influential Journals in 20 Scientific Disciplines

Tom Hardwicke, Robert Thibault, Jessica Kosie, Loukia Tzavella, Theiss Bendixen, Sarah Handcock, Vivian Köneke, John Ioannidis (Australia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States)

2:50 PM

Poster Sessions, Refreshments, and Visit Exhibits

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4:00 PM
Social Media and Citations

Association of Medical Research Visual Abstract Display With Social Media-Driven Site Traffic

N. Seth Trueger, Eman Aly, Sebastien Haneuse, Evelyn Huang, Reuben Rios, Michael Berkwits (United States)

Evaluation of Editors’ Abilities to Estimate Citation Potential of Research Manuscripts Submitted to The BMJ

Sara Schroter, Wim Weber, Elizabeth Loder, Jack Wilkinson, Jamie Kirkham (Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States)

Improper Legitimization of Hijacked Journals Through Citations

Anna Abalkina, Guillaume Cabanac, Cyril Labbé, Alexander Magazinov (France, Germany, Russia)

5:00 PM



Date of presentation to be confirmed

Artificial Intelligence

Rejection Rates for Manuscripts Uploaded to an Artificial Intelligence Driven Preflight Tool Compared With Manuscripts That Did Not Undergo a Preflight Check for a Multidisciplinary Medical Journal

Duncan MacRae, Abhishek Sudra, Kara Hamilton (United Kingdom, United States)

Mitigating Subjectivity in Peer Review of Conference Abstracts via Artificial Intelligence

Nihar Shah, Henry Gouk (United Kingdom, United States)

Counterfactual Evaluation of Peer Review Assignment Strategies in Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

Nihar Shah, Martin Saveski, Steven Jecmen, Johan Ugander (United States)

Utility of Machine Learning in Predicting Success of a Peer Review Paper From Peer Reviewer Scores

Ernest Kimani, James Kigera, Vincent Kipkorir (Kenya)

Authorship and Contributorship

Association Between Gift Authorship and Peer-Reviewed Publications and Research Funding Awarded Through Competitive Grants in Different Disciplines

Eric Fong, Yeolan Lee, Allen Wilhite (United States)

A Systematic Review of Survey Research of Honorary Authorship in Health Sciences

Reint Meursinge Reynders, Gerben Ter Riet, Nicola Di Girolamo, Davide Cavagnetto, Mario Malički (Netherlands, United States)

Numbers and Trends in Authorship of Published Meta-analyses, 1990-2019

Marios Papadakis (Germany)

Analysis of Gender Representation, Authorship Inflation, and Institutional Affiliation in Abstract Acceptance, 2017-2021

Joseph Puthumana, Iman Khan, Rafael Tiongco, Siam Rezwan, Rena Atayeva, Jeffry Nahmias, Sarah Jung, Carisa Cooney (United States)


Development of the Quality Assessment of Prognostic Accuracy Studies (QUAPAS) Tool for Assessing Risk of Bias in Prognostic Accuracy Studies

Jenny Lee, Frits Mulder, Mariska Leeflang, Robert Wolff, Penny Whiting, Patrick Bossuyt (Netherlands, United Kingdom)

Association Between Novelty and Acceptance of Manuscripts Submitted to a Field-Leading and Middle-Tier Life Sciences Journal, 2013-2018

Misha Teplitskiy, Hao Peng, Andrea Blasco, Karim Lakhani (United States)

Groundwork for the Development of a New Risk of Bias Tool for Network Meta-analysis (RoB NMA Tool)

Carole Lunny, Brian Hutton, Areti Angeliki Veroniki, James Wright, Julian Higgins, Ian White, Sofia Dias, Penny Whiting, Andrea Tricco (Canada, United Kingdom)

Assessment of Gender Balance in the Editorial Activities of a Researcher-Led Journal

Tal Malkinson, Devin Terhune, Matthew Kollamkulam, Maria Guerreiro, Dani Bassett, Tamar Makin (France, United Kingdom, United States)


Citations of Human Gene Research Papers That Describe Wrongly Identified Nucleotide Sequences

Jennifer Byrne, Yasunori Park (Australia)

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of Interest and the Role of Funders and Authors in Clinical Trials Included in Cochrane reviews

Erlend Faltinsen, Adnan Todorovac, Isabelle Boutron, Lesley Stewart, Asbjørn Hróbjartsson, Andreas Lundh (Denmark, France, United Kingdom)

Accuracy of Conflict of Interest Disclosure Among Australian Clinical Trial Authors

Barbara Mintzes, Lorelie Flood, Kellia Chiu, Zhaoli Dai, Emily Karanges, Bennett Holman (Australia, South Korea)

Association Between Commercial Funding and Estimated Intervention Effects in Randomized Trials: The COMFIT Study

Camilla Nejstgaard, Gemma Clayton, Andreas Lundh, Iosief Abraha, Susan Armijo-Olivo, Isabelle Boutron, Robin Christensen, Bruno da Costa, Greta Cummings, Agnes Dechartres, Carlos Flores-Mir, Anders Frost, Toshi Furukawa, Robin Haring, Lisa Hartling, John Ioannidis, Mihaela Ivosevic, Perrine Janiaud, David Laursen, Helene Moustgaard, M Hassan Murad, Matthew Page, Philippe Ravaud, Humam Saltaji, Jelena Savović, Yasushi Tsujimoto, Zhen Wang, Asbjørn Hróbjartsson (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States)

Evaluation of Journal Editor Conflict of Interest Disclosures and Remuneration Transparency in Oncology and Cardiology

Paul Hauptman, Chelsea Price, Eric Heidel (United States)

Data Presentation and Graphical Display

Redesigning Web-Based Presentation of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Evidence-Based Practice Center Program Systematic Reviews

Haley Holmer, Celia Fiordalisi, Edwin Reid, Edi Kuhn (United States)

Editors’ Perspectives on Adding a Results Table and Limitations Section to Medical Journal Article Abstracts: A Qualitative Study

Steven Woloshin, Rebecca Williams, Lisa Bero (United States)

Data Sharing and Access

Perspectives on Responsibilities in Receipt and Secondary Use of Data in Health Research

Kylie Hunter, Aidan Tan, Angela Webster, Daniel Hamilton, Myra Cheng, Lee Jones, Sol Libesman, Salma Fahridin, Antonio Camacho, Rui Wang, Anna Seidler (Australia, Mexico)

Data Sharing in Education Journals

Adrian Ziderman, Adrian Ziderman, Zehorit Dadon-Golan (Israel)

Data Sharing Statement Modifications in Manuscripts Reporting Interventional Clinical Trials Sponsored by a Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Colin McKinnon, Jesse Potash, Callan Fromm, Teodor Paunescu, Hajin Yang, Ingeborg Cil, Friedrich Maritsch, Borislava Pavlova, Valérie Philippon (Austria, Switzerland, United States)

Dissemination of Information

Primary Care Physician Readership Practices of the Printed Versions of Deutsches Ärzteblatt

Christopher Baethge (Germany)

Diversity and Inclusion

Women’s Responses to Peer Review Invitations by 11 Biomedical Journals Prior to and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Khaoula Ben Messaoud, Sara Schroter, Mark Richards, Angèle Gayet-Ageron (Switzerland, United Kingdom)

Race Enrollment and Representativeness in Contemporary Asthma Clinical Trials

Clement Lee, Leslie Chang, Katherine Takvorian (United States)

Evaluation of Women Representation in National Institutes of Health Study Sections

Cole Wayant, Matt Vassar (United States)

Global Gender Estimation From Distribution of First Names

Alessandro Villar, Manolis Antonoyiannakis, Hugues Chaté, Serena Dalena, Jessica Thomas (France, United States)

Analysis of Editorial Board Gender Parity of the Top 20 Most Influential Dermatology Journals

Mindy Szeto, Torunn Sivesind, Lori Kim, Katie O’Connell, Kathryn Sprague, Yvonne Nong, Daniel Strock, Annie Cao, Jieying Wu, Lauren Toledo, Sophia Wolfe, Wyatt Boothby-Shoemaker, Robert Dellavalle (United States)

Assessment of Potential Barriers to Informed Consent in Randomized Clinical Trials Published in Top General and Internal Medical Journals

Shelly Pranić, Ksenija Baždarić, Harrison Nelson, Joanne McGriff, Iván Pérez-Neri (Canada, Croatia, Mexico, United States)

Representation of Women as Editors in Chief and the Association With Gender Balance of JAMA Network Journals Editors and Editorial Boards

Erica Frank (Canada)

Editorial and Peer Review Process

Association Between Number of External Peer Review Invites, Unsuccessful Invites, and Declined Reviews With Rejection of Manuscripts

Gene Ong, Ellen Weber, Joshua McAlpine (Singapore, United Kingdom, United States)

Results From a Preprint Review Opt-in Review Process at eLife

Emma Smith, Andy Collings (United Kingdom)

Automatic Classification of Peer Review Recommendation

Clara Boothby, Diego Kozlowski, Rosemary Steup, Pei-Ying Chen, Vincent Lariviere, Cassidy Sugimoto (Canada, Luxembourg, United States)

A Technology-Based, Quality Improvement Intervention to Ensure Accuracy and Integrity of the Scholarly Record of Articles Published Simultaneously in 2 Languages

Vivienne Bachelet, Amaya Goyenechea, Máximo Rousseau-Portalis (Argentina, Chile, Israel)

Analysis of Timing of Manuscript Submissions and Assignment of Editors and Reviewers on Editorial Decisions at eLife

James Zou, Weixin Liang, Kyle Mahowald, Jennifer Raymond, Vamshi Krishna, Daniel Smith, Dan Jurafsky, Daniel McFarland (United States)


Developing the Next Generation of Editors and Reviewers Through a Trainee-Led Editorial Board at Neurology

Roy Strowd, Whitley Aamodt, Ariel Lyons-Warren, Kathleen Pieper, José Merino (United States)

Ethics and Ethical Concerns

A Computational Method to Address Strategic Behavior in Peer Review

Nihar Shah, Komal Dhull, Steven Jecmen, Pravesh Kothari (United States)

Research and Publication Ethics Knowledge and Practices in the Health and Life Sciences: Findings From an Exploratory Global Survey

Luchuo Engelbert Bain, Ikenna Ebuenyi, Jean Jacques Noubiap (Australia, Cameroon, Ireland)

Assessment of Withdrawal of Manuscripts Submitted to the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research

Hemant Jain, Sunanda Das, Aarti Garg (India)

Funding/Grant Peer Review

Assessment of Grant Peer Reviewers Tolerance for Risk in Research Proposals

Stephen Gallo, Karen Schmaling (United States)

Assessment of Performance of Grant Peer Reviewers in the Canadian Health Research Funding System, 2019-2021

Clare Ardern, Nadia Martino, Sammy Nag, Adrian Mota, Karim Khan (Canada)

Comparison of Evaluations of Grant Proposals With and Without Numerical Scoring Submitted to Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions’ Innovative Training Networks

Ivan Buljan, David Pina, Antonia Mijatović, Ana Marušić (Belgium, Croatia)

Instructions for Authors

Analysis of Biomedical Journals Instructions to Authors and Reviewers on Use of Reporting Guidelines

Peiling Wang, Dietmar Wolfram (United States)


Degree of Text Similarity and Prevalence of Potential Plagiarism in Biomedical Research Articles According to Linguistic Background and Field of Study

Tae Won Kim, Joon Seo Lim, Danielle Lee, Sung-Han Kim (South Korea)

Transparency in Conducting and Reporting Research: A Survey of Authors, Reviewers, and Editors Across Scholarly Disciplines

Mario Malički, IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Lex Bouter, Adrian Mulligan, Gerben Ter Riet (Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States)

Experience With Communications to Medical Journals Requesting Investigation Into Published Articles With Possible Data Fabrication

Ben Mol, Jim Thornton, Wentao Li (Australia, United Kingdom)

Assessment of Submission Withdrawals to a Journal in 2020 and 2021

Catherine Ketcham, Martha Simmons, Gene Siegal (United States)

Perspectives on Early Warning Signs of Research Fraud or Misconduct

Lisa Parker, Stephanie Boughton, Rosa Lawrence, Lisa Bero (Australia, United Kingdom, United States)

Open and Public Access

European Scholarly Journals From Small and Mid-Size Publishers in Times of Open Access: Mapping Journals and Public Funding Mechanisms

Anna-Maija Multas, Mikael Laakso (Finland)

Open Access and Copyright License Status of Pharmaceutical Company-Supported Articles

Elin Bevan, Tim Koder, Tomas Rees, Valérie Philippon, Slavka Baronikova, Larisa Miller, William Gattrell (Belgium, United Kingdom, United States)

Open Science

A Model for Providing Quality, Timely, and Relevant Scientific Information to Support Health System Decision-Maker Needs: The Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Evidence Alliance

Andrea Tricco, Wasifa Zarin, Sabrina Chaudhry, Ivan Florez, Julian Little, Clayon Hamilton, Heather Colquhoun, Simon Bacon, Ahmed Abou-Setta, Craig Mitton, Simon Décary, Annie LeBlanc, Fiona Clement, Janet Curran, Linda Li, Brian Hutton, Christina Godfrey, Shannon Kelly, Kimberley Sears, Pertice Moffitt, Stephen Bornstein, David Moher, Sharon Straus (Canada)

Proportion of Academic Institutions With Courses on Open and Reproducible Science and Characteristics of the Courses

Hassan Khan, Elham Almoli, Marina Franco, Jeremy Ng, Ana Patricia Ayala, Emma Henderson, David Moher (Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom)

Pandemic Science

Agreement of Treatment Effects Estimates From Observational Studies and Randomized Clinical Trials Evaluating Therapeutics for COVID-19

Joshua Wallach, Osman Moneer, Garrison Daily, Joshua Skydel, Kate Nyhan, Peter Lurie, Joseph Ross (United States)

Assessment and Comparison of Preprints and Peer-Reviewed Publications of Reporting Characteristics of Randomized Clinical Trials of Pharmacologic Treatment for COVID-19

Philipp Kapp, Laura Esmail, Lina Ghosn, Philippe Ravaud, Isabelle Boutron (France)

Assessing Repeated Patient Information in Systematic Reviews: A Systematic and Cluster-Based Analysis using COVID-19 Literature

Rene Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Pablo J. Moreno-Peña, Miguel Zambrano-Lucio, Francisco Barrera, Andrea Flores-Rodríguez, Skand Shekhar, Michelle Hajdenberg, Neri A. Alvarez-Villalobos, Fady Hannah-Shmouni (Mexico, United States)

Peer Review in a General Medical Research Journal Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roy Perlis, Jacob Kendall-Taylor, Kamber Hard, Ishani Ganguli, Jesse Berlin, Steven Bradley, Sebastien Haneuse, Sharon Inouye, Elizabeth Jacobs, Arden Morris, Eli Perencevich, Lawrence Shulman, Seth Trueger, Stephan Fihn, Frederick Rivara, Annette Flanagin (United States)

COVID-19 Public Health Scientific Publications From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, January 2020-January 2022

Elissa Meites, Martha Knuth, Kaely Hall, Elizabeth Stephenson, Patrick Dawson, Teresa Wang, Wei Yu, Muin Khoury, Barbara Ellis, Brian King (United States)

Characteristics of COVID-19 Clinical Trials Published as Preprints

Christopher Jones, Jennifer Klavens, Emily Inwards, Amanda Adams, Brian Roberts, Timothy Platts-Mills (United States)

Results Availability and Timeliness of Registered COVID-19 Clinical Trials During the First 18 Months of the Pandemic

Maia Salholz-Hillel, Nicholas DeVito (Germany, United Kingdom)

Assessing the Readability and Quality of Patient or Caregiver Fact Sheets for COVID-19 Therapeutics with Emergency Use Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration

Shelly Pranić, Jasna Karacić (Croatia)

Brazilian Researchers and Journal Editors Experiences With Scientific Publication During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Luisa Vecoso, Marcus Silva, Tais Galvao (Brazil)

Peer Review

Association of Peer Review With Completeness of Reporting, Transparency for Risk of Bias, and Spin in Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies Published in Imaging Journals

Matthew McInnes, Sakib Kazi, Robert Frank, Jean-Paul Salameh, Nicholas Fabiano, Marissa Absi, Alex Pozdnyakov, Nayaar Islam, Daniël Korevaar, Jérémie Cohen, Patrick Bossuyt, Mariska Leeflang, Kelly Cobey, David Moher, Mark Schweitzer, Yves Menu, Michael Patlas (Canada, France, Netherlands, United States)

An International Survey of Biomedical Researchers’ Knowledge, Perceptions, and Training on Peer Review

Janina Ramos, Jessie Willis, Kelly Cobey, Mohsen Alayche, Jeremy Ng, David Moher (Canada)

Unprofessional Comments in Peer Review Reports Across Scholarly Disciplines

Mario Malički, Taym Alsalti, Daniel Garcia-Costa, Francisco Grimaldo, Elena Álvarez-García, Ana Jerončić, Steven Goodman, Flaminio Squazzoni, Bahar Mehmani (Croatia, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States)

Author Characteristics and Preference for Single-Anonymous vs Double-Anonymous Peer Review at Pediatrics

Meredith Campbell Joseph, Amy Davidow, Lewis First, Alex Kemper (United States)

A Survey of Reviewers’ Perspectives on Options for Open and Transparent Peer Review at Annals of Internal Medicine

Jill Jackson, Christine Laine (United States)

Peer Review Process and Models

Feasibility of a Peer Review Intervention to Reduce Undisclosed Discrepancies Between Registrations and Publications

Robert Thibault, Tom Hardwicke, Robbie Clark, Charlotte Pennington, Gustave Nilsonne, Aoife O’Mahony, Katie Drax, Jacqueline Thompson, Marcus Munafò (Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States)

Experience With Select Crowd Review in Peer Review in The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Markus Heinemann, Roman Gottardi, Peter Henning, Jessica Bogensberger (Germany)

Peer Reviewers’ Willingness to Review and Their Recommendations After the Finish Medical Journal Changed From Single-Anonymous to Double-Anonymous Peer Review

Pertti Saloheimo, Piitu Parmanne, Noora Järvinen (Finland)

Concepts and Models of Open Peer Review

Janaynne Amaral, Eloísa Príncipe (Brazil)

Distributed Peer Review Enhanced With Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Wolfgang Kerzendorf, Ferdinando Patat, Glenn van de Venn, Dominic Bordelon, Tyler Pritchard (Austria, Germany, United States)


Downstream Retraction of Preprinted Research in the Life and Medical Sciences

Michele Avissar-Whiting (United States)

Assessment of Manuscripts Submitted to Annals of Internal Medicine That Were Posted as Preprints

Jill Jackson, Christine Laine (United States)

Adherence to Reporting Guidelines in Systematic Review Preprints and Their Corresponding Journal Publications

Haley Holmer, Edi Kuhn, Celia Fiordalisi, Rose Relevo, Mark Helfand (United States)

Assessment of the Pros and Cons of Posting Preprints Online Before Submission to a Double-Anonymous Review Process in Computer Sciences

Charvi Rastogi, Ivan Stelmakh, Xinwei Shen, Marina Meila, Federico Echenique, Shuchi Chawla, Nihar Shah (Hong Kong, United States)

Publication Metrics and Performance Indicators

Assessment of Quality Criteria and Ranking Principles of Lists of Chinese Science Journals

Jing Wang, Willem Halffman, Yuehong Zhang (China, Netherlands)

Quality Assurance

Using Custom Questions to Assess Patient Involvement in Articles Submitted to a General Medical Journal

Victoria Saigle, Meredith Weinhold, Kirsten Patrick, Andreas Laupacis (Canada)

Quality of Reporting

Reporting of Retrospective Registration in Clinical Trial Publication

Martin Haslberger, Stefanie Gestrich, Daniel Strech (Germany)

Assessment of Patient Reported Outcomes by Randomized Clinical Trials Published in High-Impact Medical Journals

René Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Luz Ramírez, Sofía Mariño-Velasco, Juan Millan-Alanis, Javier Obeso-Fernández, Alejandro García-Garza, Mario Rodríguez-Bautista, Fernando Diaz Gonzalez-Colmenero (Mexico)

Quality of the Literature

Comparison of Changes in High-Quality vs Low-Quality Evidence in Original and Updated Systematic Reviews

Benjamin Djulbegovic, Muneeb Ahmed, Iztok Hozo, Despina Koletsi, Lars Hemkens, Amy Price, Rachel Riera, Paulo Nadanovsky, Ana Paula Pires dos Santos, Daniela Melo, Ranjan Pathak, Rafael Pacheco, Luis Fontes, Enderson Miranda, David Nunan (Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States)

Perspectives and Experiences of Middle East and African Studies Librarians With Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Samar ben Romdhane, Adel Labidi (United Arab Emirates)

Patient Involvement in CMAJ Publications, 2018-2020

Victoria Saigle, Andreas Laupacis, Kirsten Patrick (Canada)

Quality of Trials

Geographical Scope of Randomized Clinical Trials From Africa

Folafoluwa Odetola, Marisa Conte (United States)

A Screening Checklist to Assess Data Integrity in Randomized Clinical Trials

Ben Mol, Shimona Lai, Ayesha Rahim, Wentao Li (Australia)

Assessing Trial Outcome Changes Based on Historical Trial Registry Records

Martin Haslberger, Martin Holst, Daniel Strech, Lars Hemkens, Benjamin Carlisle (Germany, Switzerland)

Protocol Publication, Registration, and Primary Outcome Reporting for Trials Published in BMC Public Health

Dennis Gorman, Nicholas Taylor (United States)

Reporting Guidelines

A Scoping Review of Comments on SPIRIT 2013 and CONSORT 2010 Guidelines for Reporting Randomized Trials

Camilla Nejstgaard, Isabelle Boutron, An-Wen Chan, Ryan Chow, Sally Hopewell, Mouayad Masalkhi, David Moher, Kenneth Schulz, Nathan Shlobin, Lasse Østengaard, Asbjørn Hróbjartsson (Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States)

Adherence to the RECORD Statement for Observational Studies Using Health Data Published in High-Impact Journals

René Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Erick Burciaga-Jimenez, Augusto Gamboa-Alonso, Andrea Flores-Rodríguez, Mariana García-Leal, Melissa Sáenz-Flores, Jorge Zuñiga-Hernandez, Karina Raygoza-Cortez, Ricardo Solis, Mariano García-Campa, Alejandro Diaz Gonzalez-Colmenero, Dalia Castillo-Gonzalez, William Donahoo, Rozalina McCoy, Juan Brito, Naykky Singh Ospina (Mexico, United States)

Development of the ACcurate COnsensus Reporting Document (ACCORD) Reporting Guideline

Patricia Logullo, Esther van Zuuren, A Pali Hungin, Christopher Winchester, David Tovey, Ellen Hughes, Keith Goldman, Niall Harrison, William Gattrell (Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States)

Development of the Standards for Reporting Subtyping Studies (StaRSS) Reporting Guideline

Seyed-Mohammad Fereshtehnejad, Connie Marras, David Moher, Tiago Mestre (Canada)

Guiding Principles for Updating Reporting Guidelines: A Qualitative Analysis

Patrick Bossuyt, Constantine Gatsonis, Jérémie Cohen (France, Netherlands, United States)

Reproducible Research

Assessment of Minimum False Positive Risk of Primary Outcomes After Reducing Nominal P Value Threshold for Statistical Significance From 0.05 to 0.005 in Anesthesiology Randomized Clinical Trials

Philip Jones, Zachary Chuang, Janet Martin (Canada)

Research Methods

Methodological and Reporting Quality of Systematic Reviews in Dermatology

Aidan Tan, Annapoorani Muthiah, Loch Lee, John Koh, Ashly Liu (Australia)


Analysis of Articles Retracted Because of Conflicts of Interest in the Retraction Watch Database

Ružica Bočina, Antonia Mijatović, Ana Marušić (Croatia)

A Survey of Approaches Taken by Medical Libraries to Educate Users About Retracted Biomedical Publications

Peiling Wang, Lisa Ennis (United States)

Characteristics of Articles in Clinical and Translational Sciences Retracted for Reasons Related to Data and Analysis: A Scoping Review

Leah Welty, Grace Bellinger, Abigail Baldridge, Luke Rasmussen, Oriana Fleming, Eric Whitley (United States)

Characterization of Publications on Post-Retraction Citation of Retracted Articles

Jodi Schneider, Randi Proescholdt, Susmita Das (United States)


Artificial Intelligence

Quality of Reporting of Randomized Controlled Trials in Artificial Intelligence: A Systematic Review

Rehman Siddiqui, Rida Shahzad, Bushra Ayub (Pakistan)

A Machine Learning Powered Literature Surveillance Approach to Identify High-quality Studies From PubMed in Disease Areas With Low Volume of Evidence

Alfonso Iorio, Patricia Kavanagh, Tamara Navarro-Ruan, Peter LaVita, Rick Parrish (Canada)

Authorship and Contributorship

Numbers and Trends in Authorship of Published Case Reports in Plastic Surgery Journals, 1946-2018

Marios Papadakis (Germany)


Bias in Meta-analysis Estimates Associated With Varying Quality of Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Orthopedics

Joel Gagnier, Jianyu Lai (United States)

Development and Pilot Test of Risk of Bias Assessment Tool for Use in Peer Review

Brian Alper, Joanne Dehnbostel, Khalid Shahin, Amy Price (United States)

Spin in Randomized Clinical Trials of Top Medical Journals

René Rodríguez Gutierrez, Karina Raygoza-Cortez, Francisco Barrera, Mariano García-Campa, Sofía Mariño-Velasco, Melissa Sáenz-Flores, Patricia Castillo-Morales, Miguel Zambrano-Lucio, Augusto Gamboa-Alonso, Amanda Rojo-Garza, José González-González (Mexico)

Analysis of Reporting Bias in Published and Unpublished Trials of Extended-Release Alprazolam for Panic Disorder

Rosa Ahn-Horst, Erick Turner (United States)

Bibliometrics, Informatics, and Scientometrics

Comparison of Bibliometrics of Leading Open Access Chinese Journals With Leading Non-Chinese Journals in Science, Technology, and Medicine

Xuemei Liu, Fang Lei, Min Dong (China)

A Systematic Review of Medical and Clinical Research Landscapes in Primary Medical Care in Malaysia

Boon How Chew, Shaun Lee, Poh Ying Lim, Soo Huat Teoh, Aneesa Abdul Rashid, Navin Kumar Devaraj, Adibah Hanim Ismail Daud, Abdul Hadi Abdul Manap, Fadzilah Mohamad, Aaron Fernandez, Hanifatiyah Ali, Puteri Shanaz Jahn Kassim, Nurainul Hana Shamsuddin, Noraina Muhamad Zakuan, Akiza Roswati Abdullah, Indah Widyahening (Indonesia, Malaysia)

Citations and Impact Factor

Association Between Peer Reviewers’ Priority Ratings of Impact of Research Manuscripts With Citations and Altmetric Scores of Subsequently Published Articles in the Journal of Medical Internet Research

Gunther Eysenbach (Canada)

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest in Published Systematic Reviews on Interventions for 6 Common Clinical Diagnoses, 2010-2019

Marek Czajkowski, Louise Olsson, Alexandra Snellman (Sweden)

Conflicts of Interest in Systematic Reviews on Methylphenidate for Attention Deficit Disorder

Alexandra Snellman (Sweden)

Data Sharing and Access

Bibliometric and Language Factors Associated With Studies With Authors Who Share Data Requested for a Systematic Review

Tais Galvao, Carolina Ferreira, Natália Reis, Marcus Silva (Brazil)

A Mixed-Methods Study of Time and Resources Required to Share Data for 2 Individual Participant Data Meta-analyses

Anna Seidler, Jonathan Williams, Mason Aberoumand, Kylie Hunter, James Sotiropoulos, Sol Libesman, Angie Barba, Angela Webster (Australia)

Diversity and Inclusion

Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis of Reading List Analyses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine Higher Education Institutions

Mark Skopec, Matthew Harris, Robyn Price (United Kingdom)

Qualitative Assessment of an Antiracism Editorial Internship Program for Early Career Underrepresented Scholars at Teaching and Learning in Medicine

Tasha Wyatt, Justin Bullock, Anna Cianciolo, Gareth Gingell, Anabelle Andon, Heeyoung Han, Carlos Torres, Erica Odukoya, Elza Mylona, Dario Torre, Zareen Zaidi (United States)

Editorial and Peer Review Process

Assessment of Use of Dedicated Editors for Handling and Reviewing Manuscripts With Previously Obtained Peer Reviews

Riaz Qureshi, Kirsty Loudon, Alexander Gough, Sean Treweek, Tianjing Li (United Kingdom, United States)

Authors’ General Experiences With Submitting Manuscripts and With Submission Prefill to a Manuscript Submission System for the Annals of African Surgery

Vincent Kipkorir, Ernest Kimani, James Kigera (Kenya)

Concordance Between Peer Reviewers’ Recommendations and Editorial Decision Making at the Journal of Pediatrics

Raye-Ann deRegnier, Kevin Jewett, Meghan McDevitt, Denise Goodman (United States)

Trends in and Reasons for Peer Reviewers Declining Invitations to Review at Diseases of the Colon & Rectum, 2016-2021

Susan Galandiuk (United States)

A Survey of Authors’ Experiences With Poor Peer Review Practices

Jon Merz, Kyle McCloskey (United States)

Ethics and Ethical Concerns

Development and Testing of a Tool to Assist Editorial Staff in Review of Ethical Research Reporting in Manuscripts

Jan Higgins, Robert Steiner, Katharine Murphy, Kyle Brothers (United States)

Effect of English Editing on the iThenticate Similarity Scores of Medical Research Manuscripts

Tae Won Kim, Joon Seo Lim, Danielle Lee, Sung-Han Kim (South Korea)


Assessment of Grant Peer Reviewers Tolerance for Risk in Research Proposals

Stephen Gallo, Karen Schmaling (United States)


Assessing PubMed Metatag Usage for Plain Language Summary Discoverability

Adeline Rosenberg, Slavka Baronikova, William Gattrell, Namit Ghildyal, Tim Koder, Taija Koskenkorva, Andrew Liew, Radha Narayan, Joana Osorio, Valérie Philippon, Melissa Shane, Catherine Skobe, Kim Wager (Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States)


Trends in Research on Plagiarism in Among Brazilian Graduate-Level Studies

Renan Almeida (Brazil)

Searching for Misconduct and Paper Mills in Peer Review Comments

Adam Day (United Kingdom)

Detection of Plagiarism Using a Search Engine

Alison Abritis, Ariella Reynolds, Ivan Oransky (United States)

Pandemic Science

Day and Time of Submissions of Manuscripts to the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Richard McGee, Lara Graves (Australia)

Peer Review

Development of Methodological and Statistical Dictionary

Ivan Buljan, Daniel Garcia-Costa, Francisco Grimaldo, Richard Klein, Marjan Bakker, Ana Marušić (Croatia, Netherlands, Spain)

Assessment of Errors in Peer Reviews Published With Articles in The BMJ

Frederick Arthur (Canada)

Peer Review Process and Models

The Gap Between Reviewers’ Recommendations and Editorial Decisions in a Medical Education Journal

Carlos Gutiérrez Cirlos, Melchor Sánchez-Mendiola, José Naveja, Teresa I. Fortoul, Daniel Morales Castillo (Mexico)

Adopting a Venture Peer Review Channel to Address Bias Against Innovation in Grant Funding

Elise Brezis (Israel)

Differences in the Style and Quantity of Reviewer Comments in Structured vs Unstructured Peer Review Forms

Marina Broitman, Emma Ghazaryan, Harold Sox (Armenia, United States)

Quality of Reporting

Completeness of Reporting and Its Association With Risk of Bias in Systematic Reviews Published in Rehabilitation Journals: A Meta-research Study

Tiziano Innocenti, Daniel Feller, Silvia Giagio, Stefano Salvioli, Silvia Minnucci, Fabrizio Brindisino, Carola Cosentino, Leonardo Piano, Alessandro Chiarotto, Raymond Ostelo (Italy, Netherlands)

Reporting of Methods Used to Ascertain Adverse Events of Special Interest of Drugs Approved Between 2018 and 2019

Kyungwan Hong, Anisa Rowhani-Farid, Francis Palumbo, John Powers, Linda Wastila, Peter Doshi (United States)

Quality of the Literature

Characteristics and Opportunities for Improvement of Methodology Guidelines Published in High Impact General and Methodology-Focused Medical Journals

Stefan Schandelmaier, Julian Hirt, Hannah Ewald, Daeria Lawson, Lars Hemkens, Matthias Briel (Canada, Switzerland)

Quality of Trials

Fate of Pediatric Intervention Studies Registered in the Clinical Trial Registry of India

Sumaira Khalil, Devendra Mishra, Dheeraj Shah (India)

Reporting Guidelines

Identification of Potential Barriers and Improvements for Authors’ Use of Reporting Guidelines Using Behavior Change Theory

James Harwood, Jennifer de Beyer, Charlotte Albury, Shona Kirtley, Patricia Logullo, Michael Schlussel, Caroline Struthers, Gary Collins (United Kingdom)


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