Preliminary Program 2013

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2013 Preliminary Program

JAMA and the BMJ Announce
The Seventh International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication
September 8-10, 2013
Chicago, Illinois, USA

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On behalf of JAMA and the BMJ, we invite you to join us in Chicago for the Seventh International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication. We have been planning this Congress for the last 4 years, and we are delighted at the amount of interest it has generated.

Drummond Rennie, Congress Director
Annette Flanagin, Congress Coordinator
Fiona Godlee, European Director
Trish Groves, European Coordinator

Why Attend? The goals of the Congress are to present new research into peer review and the other processes used to evaluate and disseminate medical and scientific information, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of biomedical communications worldwide.

Who Should Attend? Editors and publishers of biomedical and scientific peer-reviewed journals, researchers, funders, biomedical informatics experts, information innovators, librarians, biomedical writers, journalists, policymakers, ethicists, information disseminators, and anyone else interested in the progress of the biomedical/scientific information enterprise and the quality of biomedical/scientific information.

Meeting Registration Information – Early Registration Rate Available Until July 1!
Registration includes the complete 3-day program and welcome reception, as well as a continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks each day.

Online registration is available at Payment may be made by credit card (American Express, MasterCard, or Visa) or by check. Details are available online.

Registration Questions? Contact Wendy Carranza ( or call +1-312-464-4582.

Hotel Information – Swissôtel, Chicago • Make your reservations as soon as possible!

The Peer Review Congress will be held at the Swissôtel, 323 E Upper Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601, with guest rooms available at special reduced rates for Congress attendees: $259 single and $269 double.
Phone: +1-312-565-0565 or +1-888-737-9477.

If making your reservation by telephone, be sure to mention that you are attending the Peer Review Congress to obtain the reduced rate for Congress attendees.

Reserve your room online.

Hotel room reservations must be made before August 12, 2013, and before the rooms reserved for Peer Review Congress attendees have been sold out.

In the unlikely event that you have a problem making your hotel reservation, please call +1-312-565-0565 or +1-888-737-9477, or e-mail Maria Ferrara for assistance (

Saturday, September 7

3:00 — 5:00 PM


Sunday, September 8

7:30 — 8:30 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Visit Exhibits

8:30 AM

Drummond Rennie (UNITED STATES)

8:40 AM

Replication and Reproducible Research: Utopia or Reality?
John Ioannidis (UNITED STATES)

9:10 AM

Moderator : Drummond Rennie (UNITED STATES)

Too Much of a Good Thing? A Study of Prolific Authors
Elizabeth Wager, Sanjay Singhvi, Sabine Kleinert (UNITED KINGDOM)

Authorship Decisions for Challenging Real-World Clinical Trial Publication Scenarios: Survey Findings From Clinical Investigators, Journal Editors, Publication Planners, and Medical Writers
Ana Marušic, Darko Hren, Ananya Bhattacharya, Matthew Cahill, Juli Clark, Maureen Garrity, Thomas Gesell, Susan Glasser, John Gonzalez, Samantha Gothelf, Carolyn Hustad, Mary-Margaret Lannon, Neil Lineberry, Bernadette Mansi, LaVerne Mooney, Teresa Pena (CROATIA, UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)

Multiauthorship Articles and Subsequent Citations
Joseph Wislar, Marie McVeigh, Mary Lange, Annette Flanagin, Howard Bauchner (UNITED STATES)

10:10 AM

Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits

11:00 AM

Moderator : Ginny Barbour (UNITED KINGDOM)

Coercive Citation and the Impact Factor in the Business Category of the Web of Science
Tobias Opthof, Loet Leydesdorff, Ruben Coronel (NETHERLANDS)

Do Views Online Drive Citations?
Sushrut Jangi, Jeffrey Eddowes, Jennifer Zeis, Jessica Ippolito, Edward W. Campion (UNITED STATES)

Five-Year Citation of Publications in Cardiovascular Journals
Ruizhi Shi, Aakriti Gupta, Behnood Bikdeli, Isuru Ranasinghe, Julianna F. Lampropulos, Natdanai Tee Punnanithinont, Joseph S. Ross, Harlan M. Krumholz (UNITED STATES)

12:00 PM

Lunch and Visit Exhibits

1:30 PM

Moderator : Edward W. Campion (UNITED STATES)

Engaging Patients and Stakeholders in Scientific Peer Review of Research Applications: Lessons From PCORI’s First Cycle of Funding
Rachael Fleurence, Joe Selby, Laura Forsythe, Anne Beal, Martin Dueñas, Lori Frank, John Ioannidis, Michael Lauer (UNITED STATES)

Peer Review Triage: Potential Impact in Trial Mode
Deborah Levine, Alexander Bankier, Mark Schweitzer, Albert deRoos, David Madoff, David Kallmes, Douglas Katz, Elkan Halpern, Herbert Kressel (UNITED STATES, CANADA, NETHERLANDS)

Authors’ Assessment of Statistical Review in a General Medical Journal
Catharine Stack, John Cornell, Steven Goodman, Michael Griswold, Eliseo Guallar, Christine Laine, Russell Localio, Alicia Ludwig, Anne Meibohm, Cynthia Mulrow, Mary Beth Schaeffer, Darren Taichman, Arlene Weissman (UNITED STATES)

Mentored Peer Review of Standardized Manuscripts as an Educational Tool
Victoria Wong, Roy Strowd, Mitchell Elkind (UNITED STATES)

CAPRI Changes After PR on Reporting of RCTs
Sally Hopewell, Gary Collins, Ly-mee Yu, Jonathan Cook, Isabelle Boutron, Larissa Shamseer, Douglas Altman (UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, CANADA)

3:10 PM

Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits

3:40 PM

Moderator : Peter Gøtzsche (DENMARK)

Identical or Nearly So: Duplicate Publication as a Separate Publication Type in PubMed
Mario Malicki, Ana Marušic, Ana Utrobicic (CROATIA)

Fate of Articles That Were to Be Retracted Due to Ethical Concerns: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study
Nadia Elia, Elizabeth Wager, Martin Tramèr (SWITZERLAND, UNITED KINGDOM)

Value of Plagiarism Detection for Manuscripts Submitted to a Medical Specialty Journal
Heidi Vermette, Rebecca Benner, James Scott (UNITED STATES)

Plagiarism Screening of the PLOS Journals
Elizabeth Flavall, Ginny Barbour, Rachel Bernstein, Katie Hickling, Michael Morris (UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)

Publication Ethics: 16 Years of COPE
Irene Hames, Ginny Barbour (UNITED KINGDOM)

6:00 PM

Welcome Reception

Monday, September 9

7:30 — 8:30 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Visit Exhibits

8:30 AM

Challenges in Editorial Selection Posed by Current Science
Phil Campbell (UNITED KINGDOM)

9:00 AM

Moderator : Lisa Bero (UNITED STATES)

Underreporting of Conflicts of Interest Among Trialists: A Cross-sectional Study
Kristine Rasmussen, Jeppe Schroll, Peter Gøtzsche, Andreas Lundh (DENMARK)

Outcome Reporting Bias in Trials (ORBIT II): An Assessment of Harm Outcomes
Jamie Kirkham, Pooja Saini, Yoon Loke, Douglas Altman, Carrol Gamble, Paula Williamson (UNITED KINGDOM)

Systematic Review of the Empirical Evidence for Selective Reporting of Analyses
Kerry Dwan, Paula Williamson, Carrol Gamble, Julian Higgins, Jonathan Sterne, Douglas Altman, Mike Clarke, Jamie Kirkham (UNITED KINGDOM)

Impact of Spin in the Abstract on the Interpretation of Randomized Controlled Trials: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Isabelle Boutron, Douglas Altman, Sally Hopewell, Philippe Ravaud (FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM)

10:20 AM

Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits

11:00 AM

Moderator : Doug Altman (UNITED KINGDOM)

Reasons for Research Presented at Biomedical Conferences Remaining Unpublished: A Systematic Review
Roberta Scherer, Cesar Ugartes-Gil (UNITED STATES)

Role of Editorial and Peer Review Processes in Publication Bias: Analysis of Drug Trials Submitted to 8 Medical Journals
Marlies Van Lent, A. John Overbeke, Henk Jan Out (NETHERLANDS)

Getting Ahold of Internal Company Documents for Research: Where Are They?
Lisa Wieland, Lainie Rutkow, S. Vedula, Christopher Kaufmann, Lori Rosman, Claire Twose, Nirosha Mahendraratnam, Kay Dickersin (UNITED STATES)

12:00 PM

Lunch and Visit Exhibits

1:30 PM

Moderator : David Moher (CANADA)

Publication Agreements or “Gag Orders”? Compliance of Publication Agreements With Good Publication Practice 2 for Trials in
Serina Stretton, Rebecca Lew, Luke Carey, Julie Ely, Cassandra Haley, Janelle Keys, Julie Monk, Mark Snape, Mark Woolley, Karen Woolley (AUSTRALIA)

Reporting of Results in and Published Articles: A Cross-sectional Study
Jessica Becker, Harlan Krumholz, Gal Ben-Josef, Joseph Ross (UNITED STATES)

Assessing the Results Database in
Deborah Zarin, Tony Tse, Heather Dobbins (UNITED STATES)

2:30 PM


3:45 PM

Moderator : Trish Groves (UNITED KINGDOM)

How Does the Availability of Research Data Change With Time Since Publication?
Tim Vines, Arianne Albert, Rose Andrew, Florence Débarre, Dan Bock, Michelle Franklin, Kimberly Gilbert, Edmund Hart, Jean-Sébastien Moore, Brook Moyers, Sébastien Renaut, Diana Rennison, Thor Veen (CANADA)

Biomedical Researchers’ Willingness to Share Information to Enable Others to Reproduce Their Results
Christine Laine, Michael Griswold, Mary Beth Schaeffer, Cynthia Mulrow, Catharine Stack (UNITED STATES)

Accessibility of Materials Specified by Authors as Being Available in Reproducible Research Statements
Michael Griswold, Steven Goodman, Christine Laine, Cynthia Mulrow, Mary Beth Schaeffer, Catharine Stack (UNITED STATES)

Clinical Research Data Repositories and the Public Disclosure of Trial Data
Karmela Krleza-Jeric, Lee-Anne Ufholz (CANADA)

5:30 PM

EQUATOR Annual Lecture
Kay Dickersin (UNITED STATES)

Tuesday, September 10

7:30 — 8:30 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Visit Exhibits

8:30 AM

The Peer Review Congresses
Drummond Rennie (UNITED STATES)

Whither Peer Review Research? Analysis of Study Design, Publication Output, and Funding of Research Presented at Peer Review Congresses
Mario Malicki, Erik von Elm, Ana Marušic (CROATIA, SWITZERLAND)

9:00 AM

Moderator : Howard Bauchner (UNITED STATES)

Impact of a Systematic Review on Subsequent Clinical Research: The Case of Intravenous Propofol for Prevention of Pain
Céline Habre, Nadia Elia, Daniel Pöpping, Martin Tramèr (SWITZERLAND, GERMANY)

Publication of Randomized Controlled Trials That Were Discontinued: An International Multicenter Cohort Study
Benjamin Kasenda, Erik von Elm, Anette Blümle, Yuki Tomonaga, John You, Mihaela Stegert, Theresa Bengough, Kelechi Kalu Olu, Matthias Briel (SWITZERLAND, GERMANY, CANADA)

Terminated Trials in Characteristics and Evaluation of Reasons for Termination
Katelyn DiPiazza, Rebecca Williams, Deborah Zarin, Tony Tse (UNITED STATES)

10:00 AM


11:00 AM

Moderator : R. Brian Haynes (CANADA)

Reporting of “Continuish” and Continuous Outcomes in Randomized Trials
Steven Woloshin, Lisa Schwartz, Allison Hirst, Ly-mee Yu, Alice Andrews, Gary Collins, Rose Wharton, Milensu Shanyinde, Susan Dutton, Omar Omar, Sally Hopewell, Joshua Wallace, Jacqueline Birks, Nicola Williams, Eric Ohuma, Douglas Altman (UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)

Reporting of Crossover Trials on Medical Interventions for Glaucoma
Tsung Yu, Tianjing Li, Barbara Hawkins, Kay Dickersin (UNITED STATES)

Characterization of Trials Designed Primarily for Marketing Purposes Rather Than Addressing a Genuine Clinical Need: A Descriptive Study
Ginny Barbour, Druin Birch, Fiona Godlee, Carl Heneghan, Richard Lehman, Joseph Ross, Sara Schroter (UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED STATES)

12:00 PM

Lunch and Visit Exhibits

1:30 PM

Moderator : Erik von Elm (SWITZERLAND)

Consensus-Based CAse REporting (CARE) Guidelines Development
David Riley, Joel J. Gagnier, Gunver Kienle, Douglas Altman, David Moher, Harold Sox, and the CARE Group (UNITED STATES, GERMANY, UNITED KINGDOM, CANADA)

Poor Description of Nonpharmacological Interventions: A Remediable Barrier to Research Use in Practice?
Tammy Hoffmann, Chrissy Erueti, Paul Glasziou (AUSTRALIA)

Impact of Adding a Limitations Section in Abstracts of Systematic Reviews on Reader Interpretation: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Amelie Yavchitz, Philippe Ravaud, Sally Hopewell, Isabelle Boutron (FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM)

Beyond STARD: Characterizing the Presence of Important Elements in Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reports
Natasha Cuk, Carmen Wolfe, Richelle Cooper, Douglas Altman, David Schriger (UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)

Developing a Behavior-Change Intervention to Improve Implementation of CONSORT
Larissa Shamseer, Laura Weeks, Lucy Turner, Sharon Straus, Jeremy Grimshaw, David Moher (CANADA)

WebCONSORT—Impact of Using a Web-Based Tool to Improve the Reporting of Randomized Trials: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Sally Hopewell, Isabelle Boutron, Douglas Altman, David Moher, Victor Montori, Ginny Barbour, David Schriger, Philippe Ravaud (UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, CANADA, UNITED STATES)

3:30 PM

Refreshment Break

4:00 PM

Moderator: Fiona Godlee (UNITED KINGDOM)

Stability of Internet References in General Medical Journals
Paula Rochon, Wei Wu, Jerry Gurwitz, Sunila Kalkar, Joel Thomson, Sudeep Gill (CANADA, UNITED STATES)

Electronic Culling of the Clinical Research Literature: Filters to Reduce the Burden of Hand Searching
Nancy Wilczynski, K. McKibbon, R. Brian Haynes (CANADA)

Democratization of Knowledge: A New Model for Open Access
Hans Petter Fosseng, Hege Underdal, Magne Nylenna (NORWAY)

The Growing Role of Twitter and Facebook at a General Medical Journal
James Colbert, Jennifer Zeis, Pam Miller, Ruth Lewis, Jonathan Adler, Edward W. Campion (UNITED STATES)

5:00 PM

Closing and Adjournment


Posters will be presented during 2 sessions on Monday and Tuesday, September 9 and 10


Open-Access Publication of Research Papers: Implications for a Primary Care Research Journal
Hajira Dambha, Roger Jones (UNITED KINGDOM)

Benchmarking Prominent Medical and Scientific Journal Facebook and Twitter Popularity
Robert Dellavalle, Lisa Schilling (UNITED STATES)

Investigating Use and Users of Norwegian Electronic Health Library by Indirect Users
Runar Eggen, Magne Nylenna (NORWAY)

Do Readers Read What Peer Reviewers Selected?
Marian Tolksdorf, Markus Heinemann (GERMANY)

MacPLUS Federated Search: A Centralized Internet-Based Resource to Bring Best Evidence to Health Care Professionals
Emma Iserman, Alfonso Iorio, R. Brian Haynes (CANADA)


Honorary and Ghost Authors in Selected Nursing Journals
Maureen Kennedy, Jane Barnsteiner, John Daly (UNITED STATES, AUSTRALIA)

Recommendations to ICMJE for Improving the Guidelines on Authorship Disclosures
Fay Ling, John Kerpan (UNITED STATES)

Authorship: Attitudes and Practice Among Norwegian Researchers
Magne Nylenna, Frode Vartdal, Erlend Smeland, Frode Fagerbakk, Peter Kierulf (NORWAY)

Honorary Authorship and Coercive Citation in Medical Research
Allen Wilhite, Eric Fong (UNITED STATES)

Use of Anti-ghostwriting Checklist at a General Medical Journal: Results of a Pilot Study
Elizabeth Wager, Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Jigisha Patel (UNITED KINGDOM)

The Use of ResearchID in Medical Reviewers and Editors of Some Core Medical Journals in China
Jing Sun, Huan Liu, Qian Shou-chu (CHINA)

Authors’ Awareness of Publication Ethics: An International Survey
Sara Schroter, Jason Roberts, Elizabeth Loder, Donald Penzien, Sarah Davies, Timothy Houle (UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED STATES)


How Are Gender and Geography Associated With Sponsorship of Collaborative Cancer Research?
Gordon Sun, Nicholas Moloci, Kelsey Schmidt, Mark MacEachern, Reshma Jagsi (UNITED STATES)

Association Between Financial Conflicts of Interests and Recommendations of Medical Interventions
Andreas Lundh, Anders Jørgensen, Lisa Bero (DENMARK, UNITED States)

Risk Factors for Noncompletion of Cochrane Reviews
Richard McGee, Jonathan Craig, Narelle Willis, Ann Jones, Gail Higgins, Ruth Mitchell, Angela Webster (AUSTRALIA)

Do Declarative Titles Influence Readers’ Perceptions of Research Findings? A Randomized Controlled Trial
Elizabeth Wager, Douglas Altman, Iveta Simera, Tudor Toma (UNITED KINGDOM)


Standardizing Citation of Bioresources in Scientific Publications
Anne Cambon-Thomsen, Paola De Castro, Federica Napolitani, Anna Maria Rossi, Laurence Mabile, Elena Bravo (FRANCE, ITALY)

Natural History of a Case Report in Medical Journals
John Carey, Margaret Weist (UNITED STATES)

Citation Analysis of Research on Race and Lung Function
Kay Dickersin, Lundy Braun (UNITED STATES)

First Year of Downloads Correlation to Citations in a Biomedical Imaging Journal
Deborah Levine, David Kallmes, Elkan Halpern, Herbert Kressel (UNITED STATES)

Looking Forward to New Author Retrieval Methods
Jing Sun, Huan Liu (CHINA)

Flow of Citations Between Citable and Noncitable Items and the Impact Factor
Tobias Opthof, Loet Leydesdorff, Ruben Coronel (NETHERLANDS)


Attitude Toward Publications in Electronic Journals: A Glimpse Into the Minds of the Decision Makers in Universities
Muhammad Aslam (PAKISTAN)

The Development of a Bilingual Journal: The Example of Deutsches Arzteblatt International
Christopher Baethge (GERMANY)

Ten Years’ Experience Teaching Health Professionals to Write and to Publish Articles
Esteve Fernández, Ana García, Elisabet Serés, Fèlix Bosch (SPAIN)

Ovid and PubMed Underestimate Orthodontic RCT Numbers Compared With Hand Searching
Rhian Fitzgerald, Jayne Harrison (UNITED KINGDOM)


What Do Retractions Reveal About Peer Review?
Ivan Oransky, Adam Marcus (UNITED STATES)

Misconduct in South Asian Journals: Results of an Online Survey of Editors
Sandhya Srinivasan, Sanjay Pai, Rakesh Aggarwal, Peush Sahni (INDIA)


Facilitating Rapid Peer Review: A Study of PLOS ONE Reviewer Timing
Rachel Bernstein, Krista Hoff, Emma Dupin, Damian Pattinson (UNITED STATES)

Effect of Training Workshop on Quality of Students’ Peer Reviewing of Research Abstracts: A One-Arm Self-control Educational Intervention
Seyed-Mohammad Fereshtehnejad, Hamid Reza Baradaran, Maziar Moradi Lakeh (SWEDEN, IRAN)

The Fate of the Rapidly Rejected Manuscript: Where Does It Go Next?
Olivia Wilkins, Virginia Moyer, Lewis First (UNITED STATES)

Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Training Programs in Medical Writing and Publishing
James Galipeau, David Moher, D. William Cameron, Craig Campbell, Paul Hébert, Paul Hendry, Anita Palepu, Becky Skidmore (CANADA)

Poor Manuscript Title as a Predictor for Manuscript Rejection in a General Medical Journal: A Cohort Study
Petter Gjersvik, Pål Gulbrandsen, Erlend T. Aasheim, Magne Nylenna (NORWAY)

Attitudes Toward Blinding of Peer Review and Perceptions of Efficacy Within a Small Biomedical Specialty
Reshma Jagsi, Katherine Bennett, Kent Griffith, Rochelle DeCastro, Calley Grace, Anthony Zietman (UNITED STATES)

A Comparison of the Quality of Reviewer Reports From Author-Suggested Reviewers and Non–Author-Suggested Reviewers in Journals Operating on Open or Closed Peer Review Models
Maria Kowalczuk, Frank Dudbridge, Shreeya Nanda, Stephanie Harriman, Elizabeth Moylan (UNITED KINGDOM)

Correlation of the Final and the Preliminary Evaluation Scores of the Academy of Finland’s Peer Review Panels on Biomedical Engineering in 2006-2012
Juha Latikka (FINLAND)

Do Reviewers Prefer Submissions That Cite Their Own Work?
David Schriger, Mickey Murano, Erik von Elm (UNITED STATES, SWITZERLAND)

Improving Research in an Emerging Field: Role of Peer Review
Hemal Kanzaria, Jada Roe, Richelle Cooper, Douglas Altman, David Schriger (UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)

Laboratory Investigation Editorial Internships: A Peer Review Training Program
Catherine Ketcham, Robert Hardy, Brian Rubin, Gene Siegal (UNITED STATES)

Crowd-Sourcing in Medical Publishing: American Journal of Preventive Medicine’s Childhood Obesity Challenge
Jill Waalen, Brian Saelens, Elsie Taveras, Beverly Lytton, Bill Silberg, Kevin Patrick (UNITED STATES)


What Do Authors Really Want to Know Postpublication?
Mary Beth Schaeffer, Christine Laine, Darren Taichman, Jill Jackson, Parsh Mehta, Catharine Stack (UNITED STATES)

Frequency and Characteristics of Letters and Comments: How Robust Is Postpublication Peer Review?
Margaret Winker (UNITED STATES)


Temporal Change in the Use of P Values and Confidence Intervals for Reporting Intergroup Comparisons in Major General Medical Journals
Rakesh Aggarwal, Shambhavi Srivastava, Aditya Sarangi, Peush Sahni (INDIA)

Reporting Standards for Translational Animal Research
David Krauth, Calvin Gruss, Rose Philipps, Lisa Bero (UNITED STATES)

Compliance Reporting in Randomized Controlled Trials: A Literature-Based Study
François Cachat, Katharina Theodoropoulou, Caroline Maendly, Erik von Elm (SWITZERLAND)

Graphical Literacy of Top Medical Journals
Jennifer Chen, Mike McMullen, David Schriger, Richelle Cooper (UNITED STATES)

Reporting of Study Enrollment: Missed Opportunities to Clarify Selection and Suggestions for Improvement
Jessica Wall, Richelle Cooper, Brian Raffeto, Douglas Altman, David Schriger (UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)

Use of Clustering Analysis in Randomized Controlled Trials in Orthopedic Surgery
Hanna Oltean, Joel Gagnier (UNITED STATES)

Ethics in Practice: Improvements in Ethical Policies and Practices in Wiley Health Science Journals Following a 2-Stage Audit Cycle
Chris Graf, Alice Meadows, Allen Stevens, Elizabeth Wager (AUSTRALIA, UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)

Quality of Reporting Methods for Estimating Hazard Ratio From Analyzing Time-to-Event Outcomes in 4 General Medical Journals

Improving the Completeness of Reporting of Research Articles: Implementing an Automated System
David Moher, Larissa Shamseer, James Galipeau, Jason Roberts, Tim Houle, Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, Christopher Ivey (CANADA, UNITED STATES)

Characteristics of Rejected Manuscripts From a Single Journal: A Cohort Study
Xiu-yuan Hao, Qian Shou-chu (CHINA)

Analysis of Completeness and Veracity of Claims Made to Emphasize the Importance of a Research Study
Sara Crager, Medell Briggs-Malonson, Richelle Cooper, David Schriger (UNITED STATES)

Relationship Between Outcome Variables and How It Is Demonstrated in Reports of Randomized Controlled Trials
Carter Wystrach, Ana Lopez-O’Sullivan, Richelle Cooper, David Schriger, Douglas Altman (UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)

Trends in the Quality of Data Graphs Over Time and the Role of Peer Review and Editing in Those Trends
Mike McMullen, Richelle Cooper, David Schriger (UNITED STATES)

Is the Relationship Among Outcome Variables Shown in Randomized Trials?
Carter Wystrach, Ana Lopez-O’Sullivan, Richelle Cooper, David Schriger, Douglas Altman (UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM)


Development of a Quality Score for Nonsystematic Review Articles (SANRA)
Christopher Baethge, Stephan Mertens, Sandra Goldbeck-Wood (GERMANY, NORWAY)

Assessment of the Quality of Open Peer Review Using Draft COPE Guidance
Hajira Dambha, Roger Jones (UNITED KINGDOM)

Growing Up! Revising the SQUIRE Guidelines to Meet Advances in the Science of Quality Improvement
Louise Davies, Greg Ogrinc (UNITED STATES)

Consensus-Based Recommendations for Investigating Clinical Heterogeneity in Systematic Reviews
Joel Gagnier, Hal Morgenstern, Douglas Altman, Jesse Berlin, Stephanie Chang, Peter McCulloch, Xin Sun, David Moher, for the Ann Arbor Clinical Heterogeneity Consensus Group (UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, CANADA)

Proposal for a Structured Abstract for Case Reports: An Analytical Study
D. Mishra, Piyush Gupta, Bhavna Dhingra, Pooja Dewan (INDIA)

Implementation of Adherence to the CONSORT Guidelines by the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Nikoloas Pandis, Larissa Shamseer, Vincent Kokich, David Moher (SWITZERLAND, CANADA, UNITED STATES)

Update on the Endorsement of the CONSORT Statement by High-Impact-Factor Journals: A Survey of J