The Ninth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication will be held in Chicago, September 12-14, 2021.

Our aim is to encourage research into the quality and credibility of peer review and scientific publication, to establish the evidence base on which scientists can improve the conduct, reporting, and dissemination of scientific research.

A Tribute to Professor Doug Altman

With sadness and in gratitude, we honor the life of Douglas G. Altman (1948-2018), who made many contributions to the Peer Review Congress as a researcher, presenter, moderator, advisory board member, and mentor. He was Professor of Statistics in Medicine at the University of Oxford and Director of the UK EQUATOR Centre. Among many achievements, he co-founded the EQUATOR Network and was an executive member of the working groups that established CONSORT and many research reporting guidelines.

"Doug Altman was a giant. His work transformed statistics, science and medicine. I believe that 50 years down the road, looking backwards, it will be very difficult to find other scientists who had such a major impact as Doug had in his era and beyond. His legacy is secure, but it is a great sorrow not to have this wonderful, gentle man with us any longer."

-John Ioannidis, MD

"The Peer Review Congresses would not have gone on without Doug Altman. His participation at the last Congress was phenomenal. He was an eternal optimist. He came to the second Peer Review Congress in 1993, and for that Congress and every other Congress thereafter, he was the leading intellectual light, and the debt I owe him personally is one that I can never repay. I remember a meal that Doug and I shared at an upscale fish restaurant in Palo Alto, the night before a meeting at Stanford, when we were both charmed by the unexpected appearance of a cloud of cotton candy held between us by the waitress. This irregular cloud, at once solid and at the same time mysteriously ghost-like hovered in the air between us and symbolized for me the subtle and deep qualities of Doug’s thinking and his wonderfully solid contributions, such as CONSORT and the many reporting guidelines that followed and serve as the foundation of our profession.

Doug had the courage, grit, and stamina to come to the Eighth Congress last September in Chicago, and all of us were astonished, and I was deeply grateful."

-Drummond Rennie, MD

More about the life and contributions of Doug Altman can be found at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and the EQUATOR Network.

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Program and Abstracts

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What Was Presented?

  • 3 days of original research
  • September 10: Common Problems in Peer Review and Scientific Publication
  • September 11: Improving Peer Review and Scientific Publication
  • September 12: Innovations in Peer Review and Scientific Publication
  • 45 Plenary Session reports of original research
  • 84 Poster Session reports of original research
  • 5 Plenary Session Invited Talks
  • Equal time for presentation and audience participation

News Media Coverage

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